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I look pretty rough on Monday mornings before I have my coffee don’t I? 

Actually this is the first first finished PvZ Zombie mask! I’m so pleased with how it turned out that I couldn’t wait post a photo! And everyone loves selfies right?

I’ll be posting the wrap-up progress photos later in the week incase your interested in all the technical details. This is my first mask and I have been wanting to do a mask for a couple years now and I’m totally hooked. I have plans for another mask already in the works. 

I’ll eventually be offering this mask for sale in my etsy shop.. once I set up an etsy shop!

Now I just need to find my browncoat… oh and BRAINS!

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My Daedric Sword from Skyrim.This one took a while… its hard to come by a Daedric hear after all…

Check out my FB page for all the build details! 


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Sark-ashag Krushak of Angmar by krushak-dagra

I’ve always wanted to do an Orc cosplay… humm

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Nope not prop related but, this turned out rather nice and I like posting what I’ve worked on!  This is a variation on the work of a great folk artist, Karla Gerard  for my take on this I wanted to add a 3rd dimension and users Super Sculpty to make the tree and foreground of the image. In the close up you can see the added depth of the leaves and such. This is a long over due gift and I’m both happy that it turned out like I imagined it and that I’m don and can give it finally!

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Logan’s Run - Deep Sleep Blaster!

Thank goodness for deadlines! I finally got back to prop building after a few months diversion and wow I have really missed making things. (Makes me wonder why I took a break) Above is a commissioned prop from the 1976 movie and later TV show called Logan’s Run. I remember the comic book and seeing a couple tv episodes on TV in rerun, back in the day but, the movie was slightly before my time so to speak. None the less, this is a pretty cool prop to make and I’m really happy with how it turned out! 

For those interested in the build, this was constructed from various sizes of PVC pipe and of course my favorite, closed cell foam board. The original movie props used a type of gas ignition to blast out a green gas from the venting tubes on the barrel so the barrel was steel or brass tubing, since this is  anon-firing version pvc was quite adequate. :)  The original grip was done in bondo but I used Apoxie Sculpt over Bondo simply because I like being able to sculpt with out wearing gloves.  I really wanted to add some green LED lights to the barrel to get the general effect of the movie prop but due to a tight schedule leading up to Dragon Con I had to skip past that extra feature this time. One of these days I’ll make another with the LEDs in it! maybe. 

I grabbed this photo late in the evening and probably could have done better and with more angles but tempus fugit! Hopefully I’ll have time to get a couple more before this thing heads out but,  not sure I’ll get the time.

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How To: Scaling Video Game Props | Prop Weapons Coop - Nerf News, Nerf Mods, Cosplay Props, Tutorials, Hints and Tips, Prop Weapons Artists Cooperative

I published a tutorial over on the Prop Weapons Co-op on how to scale video game weapons into real world props. Hopefully it will come in handy to new prop builders out there!

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So, you've decided to talk to an artist


I don’t consider myself an artist, but most of my friends are, and I’m married to one. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of behavior that ranges from awkward to outright unacceptable. Here are some dos and don’ts to ensure that your experience with an artist is a good one for both parties. This is…

Good advice!

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Decent Boardgame Tiles

Finished up the last few parts of my Decent board game tile build! I’m pretty happy with how the Door and treasure chests turned out!  All of this was sculpted, molded, cast and painted by me.  

Now back to Skyrim Swords!

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My High Elf Sorcerer that I’ve been playing  in the Elder Scrolls Beta this past weekend! I was playing a battle mage type with heavy armor so I could tank a bit, seemed to keep me alive quite well. :)

Beta server shutdown was approaching so I though I would just hang on on the balcony of this tower and paint a love paining…

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So I got the minis boardgame Decent a little while back and I happened to discover that people had made tiles for the board game to replace the pretty but flat Dungeon tiles so I got on this tangent and had to make some. Well the first batch is done and the rest are not are behind!

Here are some pictures whit the really pretty minis that come with the game. In case your wondering this is probably the best D&D like minis game I’ve played The rest, doors and columns that go with the set are in the next batch. I’ll post more once second set is done!

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A little sculpture for my valentine!  Wall hanging, made with sculpty and finished with rub n buff!

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ESO Trailer!

Already reviewing for potential prop ideas!  This is one awesome trailer.

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Breezehome Weapons Rack

So when I’m not out defeating vampires or slaying another dragon you’ll find me hanging out at Breezehome resting comfortably by the fire. Of course I need to have a place to put my trusty Steel Sword and what better place then on a weapons rack! 

Of course I kept trying to put the sword on and it kept falling right o until I added some nice brass hooks to hold the sword up.. not sure how they get it to float in the game… humm mine doesn’t say “Activate” when I stand in front of it either… maybe I did something wrong? 

(Sorry one of the images turned out blurry.. I’m better at making swords then photos really)

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Skyrim Skyforged Steel

Check out my FB page for all the build details!